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The Pattersons

Marva Patterson

I can't believe that girl could tell such a lie. My boy never hurt nobody. He couldn't, me and his daddy never raised him to be cruel like the one that hurt Molly.

Why is she doing this? Why is she lying on my boy? I should a knowed when I found out who she was that Harlan would find a way to use this to get back at me and Cletus, but my God, how can he go after my boy like that?

If Harlan had been a man, Lonnnie would a been his son.Oh God, what're we gonna do?

We got no money for a lawyer, and my boy is innocent. He's innocent.


Cletus Patterson

I figured when we found out that little gal belonged to Harlan we was gonna have some trouble, but I never dreamt that bastard would use my boy to get his revenge.

I never wronged him. He's the one was in the wrong. If he'd a been even half a man, he never would a done what he did to Marva. Well, his loss was my gain.

But, I won't let that man destroy my son. Lonnie is innocent and I'll do whatever I got to do to save him from Harlan's wrath, even if I get killed in the doin.


Lonnie Patterson

I knowed slippin out and takin Daddy's truck was gonna get me in big trouble, but I swear to God if I'd a knowed how much trouble, I never would a done it.

I seen Molly, sure enough that night, but  on my Momma's head, I never  touched her. I couldn't hurt nothin the way that little gal was hurt.

Me, I don't believe no Ridger done it neither. No matter what them folks down in Maylorsville says, us Ridgers ain't savages.

But, I got to tell you, I'm scared. Scared plenty. I aint never been in jail before, or been to court. I hope this lawyer fella Momma and Daddy found can help me.

God, why did I slip out that night?

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