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Molly Matthews


I know what I did is wrong, but my daddy is so mean, and he scares me so bad. If I was to try to tell him the truth about what happened and who really done it, he'd beat me near to death.

I don't know why he hates the Ridgers so bad, he's one of them. Or he used to be, but if he ever heard me say that, he'd take a strap and skin the meat off a my back. It wouldn't be the first time.

He likes to beat my momma, and he used to beat me too, all the time, but when I turned twelve, he found a new way to torture me that had nothing to do with beating. I think I'd rather take a beating from him though than have to put up with his touching me the way he does.

It was a mean thing I done, but God knows I didn't have a choice. Someday, maybe the Pattersons will be able to forgive me, I don't know. I don't know if I can ever forgive myself for what I done to those kind people, but, I swear I didn't have a choice. I didn't.

Daddy, he'd kill me for sure if I told him the truth, and this way,well, this way I can get back at the hateful Katie Patterson. She's always been so mean to me and when she took Donel Epps away from me, well, a girl has her pride you know?

But, the Sheriff, Amos Quimby? Even though he works for my daddy, he won't let my lie rest. But, it don't matter. He has to do his job, so I got to tell the Sheriff that Lonnie Patterson tried to kill me. I hate this. Miz Patterson and Lonnie was so good to me. Lonnie, he's so sweet, but my daddy....

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