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Dark Ridge: A novel by LL Rucker

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Linda L Rucker

Hi, come on in and visit with me. As you wander through the pages of my world, I hope you'll find things to entertain you, enlighten you and perhhaps get a glimpse of this world of mine.
You see, I'm a writer. Might not be very good by some standards, but, my writing pleases me... most of the time.
I write mainly Southern fiction. Why? Because I happen to be Southern and I love all things that blossom and grow south of the Mason-Dixon Line. That includes stories.
So, help yourself to some good old down south hospitality and make yourself at home, and I'll do my best to keep you entertained.

I was told after my first book, "What the Heart Wants" was released that I needed a website, but Lordy, Lordy, have you checked out the prices those website builder folks charge? Mercy!
So, I thought, well, how hard can this really be? I mean, I'm a fairly intelligent person, I can read and most times I can follow directions, so, here I am.
I started writing some time ago. When? Yeah, like I'm gonna tell you that! Let's just say it was when the last Catholic man was President, okay?
I wrote dozens of short stories, which of course my Momma just raved about. She said I was the next Pearl Buck! Well, of course she did!  She was my Momma, and it was her sworn duty to encourage me.
As I grew older, I began to realize that maybe she was right, maybe I could be a writer.
Sadly, I had to put writing on hold till after the younguns was grown and gone. And boy, did I suffer from that empty nest syndrome all the magazines talked about!
So, my dear husband, Bobby Lee, seeing how lonely I was without the kids, decided to get a computer.
Now, I had a hard enough time driving the TV remote, so you can about imagine how hard a time I had with a computer! Anyway, I finished my first novel and got it published in 2003,and there have been dozens of short stories in books and e-zines and magazines since then.
My second book, "Dark Ridge" is going to be released later this summer, so keep on coming back to visit with me and I'll put up a notcie when it hits the bookstores!
Thanks for visiting. Enjoy yourself.


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