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This anthology is the very first one to accept a couple of my short stories. It is a walk down memory lane for the contributing authors, and hopefully for y'all as well.
Helen Pulaski is the compiling author and she very painstakingly read and edited every story in here. I think she did a great job, and as you wander down memory lane with this collection of authors from all over the world, maybe some of our worlds will hit home for you, too.


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Romancing the Soul.
My second anthology. This is a collection of stories that hopefully will finally put to rest the question, "Do soul mates actually exist?"
Dorothy Thompson, the compiling author of this anthology is an expert on the Soul Mate phenomon, and she has painstakingly selected every story within the pages of this amazing book.
From Avis Townsend's Eli, to Barbara Williamson-Wood's Wolf Spirit, you have only to read to discover the truth of the existence of soul mates.


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I submitted two stories to this publications, The Quilt and The Snow Globe. The Quilt is sort of a ghost story, and The SnowGlobe is ,I don't know how to classify it. Maybe a paranormal? Anyway, I got paid for both of them, so who cares, right?

What the Heart Wants


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Having lost her husband to a younger woman at forty-five, Letty had to face a new, uncertain future. But first she must confront her past. In a voyage of self-discovery and re-discovery Letty returns home, where she must face a legacy she ran away from twenty-five years ago. Letty’s troubles begin with the revelation that her brother JJ has a devastating secret. Add to the mix the discovery that the child she gave up for adoption twenty-five years ago turns out to have been identical twins, as different as night and day, and you have the recipe for life-changing intrigue. Will her own resolve and the support of newfound friend, Lurlene Litenor, see Letty through the trials that lie before her? Letty must come to terms with a heart wrenching reality and to realize that the heart wants What the Heart Wants, and the devil take the hindmost.


April Rollins' Coffee Cramp Review Magazine was the very first print magazine I ever submitted an article to, and it was accepted. I was thrilled to have both short stories and my article printed in this exceptional magazine.